Meet Alba


Alba de Béjar

“Art for me is a way to express, process and take stock of what’s going on around and within me. In any of its forms, art gives me the freedom to explore ‘being’ at different stages of the becoming process and I truly find that both fascinating and liberating.”
-Alba de Béjar

Alba de Béjar

Alba de Béjar is the mind, heart and hands behind every single piece at Slou Ceramics. A former academic with a PhD in Postcolonial, Gender and Race Studies, her true passion is ‘making things’ and she devotes a great deal of her time to this endeavor.

Slou Ceramics

Slou Ceramics is a small-batch ceramics brand of unique artisanal pieces for everyday rituals. An ode to the small scale, slowly produced, handmade crafts, Slou Ceramics wishes to offer high quality, one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that are rich both in history and nuance, with which one may enjoy moments of calm and beauty that inspire.

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