Slou Ceramics

Slou Ceramics

Slou Ceramics is a small-batch ceramics brand made in Bonn, specialized in unique, artisanal pieces for everyday rituals. Carefully designed and slowly handcrafted, no two pieces are the same; for each piece’s spontaneous variations in form, texture, and shape are a means to reflect the changing nature of life itself.

Ceramic objects are webbed into our lives since antiquity and have the ability to transform how we feel by engaging all of our senses (most evidently sight and tact, but also smell, taste and even hearing at times). Each Slou Ceramic piece tries to convey the feeling of love for the little things and for handmade, one-of-a-kind objects with which to enjoy moments of calm and beauty that inspire.

Intentionally small-batch, Slou Ceramics is an open letter to rediscovering the pleasure of utilising artisanal, handcrafted and bespoke ceramic products created manually in ethical and sustainable conditions; objects full of detail and rich in history that will deepen and elevate your daily rituals with their unrepeteable beauty.

Alba de Béjar

Alba de Béjar is the mind, heart and hands behind every single piece at Slou Ceramics. A former academic with a PhD in Postcolonial, Gender and Race Studies, her true passion is ‘making things’ and she devotes a great deal of her time to this endeavor.

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